Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Management definitions

An FOI enquiry seeking a BBC definition of "senior manager" has elicited an interesting response.

Auntie has missed two self-ordained targets in trying to reduce the boss class, after former Chairman Lord Patten opined that there were "more senior leaders at the BBC than in the Chinese communist party".

The targets - a 20% reduction in the numbers of senior managers earning over £150,000; and a senior manager population that is 1% of the total workforce - are still there, but the FOI response points to another line in the Annual Report: "We are reviewing options for the definition of our senior leader population in order to give real clarity about the core community who are accountable for leading and running the BBC."

One of the problems Auntie doesn't like to mention is the number of presenters who've been put back onto staff contracts, after previous BBC instructions to set themselves up as companies fell foul of Margaret Hodge and the Public Accounts Committee. Their generous salaries, often way beyond the roof of their allotted grades, are distorting figures even more. They dot around grades 10 and 11, but, of course, if the BBC separated them out from "the core community", it wouldn't be saving money, and might expose some rather inflated rates of pay.

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