Thursday, August 20, 2015

Four and five make...

Radio 4 and Radio 5Live are not meant to chase the same audience, but it is interesting to compare the gradual changes to their demographics.

The BBC Trust, in its latest review, has noted a lack of progress on the diversity of both stations' listenership and called for action.

The two tables below show 5Live losing young listeners and BAME audience at a faster rate than the station's general decline. BAME percentage in weekly reach is down to 6.7 over three years, whilst at Radio 4 it's actually a tad up, at 10.7.  At least at 5Live, they're losing ABC1s slightly faster than C2DEs. The Trust notes the move to Salford has yet to change the regional profile of the 5Live audience.

Still on 5Live, the Trust wants work to improve the news profile of a station that's supposed to devote 75% of its output to such stuff. I think you'll hear less of the slogan "The Home Of Football" quite quickly.

Finally, I have luvvie chums who will be delighted that the Trust exhorts Radio 4 to maintain spending on comedy and drama. This does, of course, mean others will suffer.

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