Friday, August 21, 2015

Check list

Half way through the revelation of this year's Strictly Come Dancing contestants, and there are some obvious bases still to cover, if you're thinking of a flutter.

Sportsmen and women are so far lacking; bookmakers will give you 16/1 on A. P. McCoy, who's said already he wouldn't do the show 'for diamonds',  but I think the Irish quotient is already full anyway with Daniel O'Donnell - there are no sportswomen amongst their other quoted odds.

The bookies will give you 8/1 on pop singer Jamelia (to win, not just to enter), and that will help with the BAME quotient. But expect someone of Asian heritage as well.

Boybands are lacking (Peter Andre, subject to gym work, fills the gold chain and abs requirement which thrills some viewers and judges).

And then we need at least one just-over-60, who may also fill the criteria "lovable no-hoper", who is already a national treasure, or wants to be one.


  1. " A. P. McCoy, who's already [said] he wouldn't do the show 'for diamonds'"

    1. It's a new form of blogging - with crowd-sourced subbing.


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