Monday, July 20, 2015

Sense and Sensibility

En passant, we note that the very-on-message John Shield, Director of Communications-But-Maybe-Not-Letters in the BBC Charter Renewal bunker, has decided to merge the comms role supporting Television and Radio.

Sam Hodges, former spinner for Danny Cohen at Television, has left for Twitter, and has flown to San Francisco for indoctrination induction. Jamie Austin, previously Head of Comms for Radio and Music, just adds Television to his bailiwick.  He's moved to adjust the title on his Twitter account, but has yet to find an icon that is a little more reflective of his new bi-media responsibilities.

Jamie comes from Nottingham, via business studies at the Unversity of the West of England, entering the BBC spinning machine in Bristol in 2006, after a spell with the Bristol & West Building Society. He moved up to run the radio operation in 2010, and now has a beard and a young family in East Finchley.

Perhaps his first job in the new wider role will be to calm down those who think more jobs running across radio and television are in Lord Hall's September plans....

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