Thursday, July 9, 2015

One Valerie made earlier....

Back to business: Lord Hall's request for 1,000 additional job cuts has been pushed onto his lieutenants, who are scratching their heads in the hunt for an appropriate number of senior managers to put in the mix, to be produced by the end of the month.

Some 400 staff are on the official senior management grades, so this is about lieutenants firing lieutenants. Tony won't be happy unless at least 40 are identified, and his new HR sidekick Valerie Hughes D'Aeth has to make sure there's no taking real programme-makers out - or shuffling jobs down the scale.

So once again, support is the name of the game. Earlier this year the BBC parted company with Karl Burnett, who had been running HR for both News and Radio. He was on a package of £157,800. There are now separate HR bosses for News and Radio. I wonder what their salaries total, and whether there's a senior management saving to be had ? Why don't you come on over, Valerie ?

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