Thursday, July 16, 2015

Not much time

What happens now ?  Whittingdale sits back, and waits. The "consultation" closes on 8th October - just eighty-four days away. The BBC Trust seems to be charged with "engagement with the public", many of whom will be on holiday for some part of the consultation period. With the BBC Executive's position paper only arriving in September, that gives licence-fee payers just four weeks to get behind any new ideas - or reject them.

The eight outriders cogitate. Probably on smart-arse questions like "Which elements of universality are most important for the BBC?". Presumably more after 8th October than before; they've been told to meet up to six times over a year, and more members may be co-opted.

Whittingdale has also given himself the option of "Studies, reviews and research into a range of issues". I wonder who'll get the commissions ?

  • There are 126 footnotes referencing sources in the Green Paper. The Mail and The Telegraph get two each, alongside all the Ofcom/Trust stuff. 
  • If you fancy making your own smart-arse response to the smart-arse question, the online form can be found here. Don't let it spoil your contribution !

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