Thursday, July 23, 2015

News from the front line

The BBC Trust, who formally pushed the self-destruct button this week, have at least produced a decent online consultation questionnaire on Charter Renewal, with 16 open questions, as opposed to the 19 from the DCMS effort which are as tightly closed as Osborne's wallet walking down Benefits Street.

Meanwhile there's a pre-Tuscany frenzy of debate contributions - Rona Fairhead available on everything bar the red button, Lord Hall let in behind the Murdoch paywall, perhaps to see what it feels like. The best of the week comes from Peter Oborne, first written for Open Democracy and now available from the Indie.

Meanwhile the Mail and the BBC are spatting over the big one - what is the right price for a presenter photograph ? The Mail, through intensive investigation like reading her tweets, found the BBC World News presenter Yalda Hakim had been snapped by (John) Rankin, and they think he charges £20k a day. [Yalda is much admired by Rod Liddle]. The BBC said no licence fee money was used - it was funded by BBC Global News Ltd, part of the BBC Worldwide. The Mail said they knew that anyway, and tweeted about fungibility, which is always a good thing, isn't it ? It is possible that Auntie got a deal on this - apparently hunky news hack Ian Pannell got a portrait too. Maybe it was BOGOF day...

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