Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flaky tradecraft

It's hardly a surprise, but more than a little embarrassing on the morning of the Green Paper, to find that BBC executives had more than a hand in shaping the luvvies' letter that emerged yesterday.

DJ Annie Nightingale, 75, helpfully tells The Times [paywall] about a meeting with Ben Cooper, her employer, Controller of Radio 1 and 1Xtra: “I bumped into Ben a couple of days ago. He said Danny Cohen [the director of BBC television] was putting this letter together and said, ‘Would you like to be included?’ I said, ‘Yeah’. I understood vaguely what it would say. I didn’t read the letter before it went out.”

This blog was amongst the first to spot that Rachel Weisz, another signatory, had been matron of honour at Danny Cohen's wedding in 2012. Watching Danny's Twitter account tells you he's on first name terms with 'Jo' - that's J K Rowling to you and me. Danny is a trustee of her charitable venture, Lumos.

And Danny was hyper-active on Twitter yesterday, tweeting and re-tweeting messages of support from both minor celebrities and the other Joe - Joe Public.

The question is - has Danny gone rogue ?  Comms chief John 'Cold' Shield may invite him into the Charter Renewal bunker to discuss a few concepts - 'deniability', 'timing' and 'co-ordination'.

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  1. "The question is - has Danny gone rogue ?"

    No. Danny (and his luvvie chums) are simply looking after their moolah.
    And you show your true BBC DNA in your panicking and abundant posts over the last couple of days.
    You seem to be squealing like a pig like the rest of the over-rewarded fat-cats (if you can work that one out). And if you cannot - just sniff your pension or maybe your backhanders from Danny & Co(hen).


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