Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Annual report factoids 3

In Gaelic broadcasting, the BBC spent a total of £15m last year, up from £14.2m in the previous annual report. BBC Radio nan Gàidheal's costs per listener/hour fell from 19.6p to 18.9p - this looks high, because it is set against the Gaelic speaking population.  BBC Alba's cost per viewer hour went in the other direction - from 6.4p to 8.3p. This looks lower than the radio figure, because it is based on surveys of all viewers in Scotland.

In Wales, Radio Cymru cost 19.2p per listener hour, compared with 15.3p last time. Total service cost - content, distribution and support went up from £16.8m to £18.3m. Spending on S4C went up by a million, to £31m.

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