Saturday, July 4, 2015

All heat, no light

Bits of the new Parliament are still snarling at the BBC, in a way that is very dangerous. According to the Telegraph, Defence Select Committee chairman Dr Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East (Dynevor School and Balliol/St Antony's, Oxford) will be writing to DG Lord Hall about his apparent refusal to use the term 'Daesh' for what the BBC now calls 'Islamic State group'.

“The BBC ought to hang its head in shame – they would never dream of taking this attitude if we were talking about the fascists or the Nazis and it is a sign of their pathetic political correctness that they cannot do something which in reality is not a term that is anything other than a description of what they claim to be.”

The Telegraph also believes the topic will come up at Lord Hall's first session in front of the new, all-male, all white DCMS Select Committee, led by Big Jesse Norman.

  • Stories from today on various websites use a narrow range of first reference. NBC - ISIS; CBS - ISIS; New York Times - ISIS; CNN - ISIS; Le Monde - L'Etat Islamique; France 24 - Islamic States; Die Zeit - Islamicher Staat.  The first reference to Daesh on a Google News search (other than the UK row about the title) comes from Al-Bawaba, a news website based in Jordan. But they used Islamic State in the second reference. 

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