Friday, June 26, 2015

What's in a name ? Or an acronym ?

How are things going with the BBC's Project Aurora, bidding to "redefine the BBC's technology landscape" ?

Something must be bubbling up, because they've advertised for a "Head of Transition and Transformation", helpfully shortened to "T&T", so it presumably doesn't matter which comes first.

Previously activities we noted from Aurora, now approaching its third birthday, had favoured the acronym SIAM - standing for Service Integration and Management. I was privately assured last week by a man with a title so long it is beyond acronymity (if that's a word) that SIAM had been dropped in favour of SOM - Service Operations Managemement. And indeed the ad is full of SOM - yet the supporting paperwork is full to busting with SIAM. If anyone cares, beyond me and Matthew Postgate, the ad talks about BBC Engineering, but the paperwork sticks to BBC Technology.

At the new senior management level of Band 11, one hopes the Head of T&T has a skill set to make name changes work. The computer stuff should then be easy.

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