Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tickets please

Alan Yentob, the tv executive who deemed that presenter-led tv shows were a thing of the past in the early 1990s, and then re-Imagined himself as the right presenter for the BBC tv cultural flagship, Imagine ten years later, is back with a new run of the show.

Subjects include architect Frank Gehry (born Goldberg) 86; drummer Ginger Baker, 75; writer Toni Morrison, 84.  A previously-promised programme on artist Jeff Koons (only 60) is set to materialise, and there will be a programme on Tasmanian author Richard Flanagan.

Looks like plenty of flying around involved - even Englishman Ginger Baker, born in Lewisham, is filmed on his South African ranch.

  • Wednesday update: The Ginger Baker documentary was made by Jay Bulger, and released in US cinemas in 2012, with a UK release the following year. Will it be cut from 100 minutes to make room for an Alan intro ?   The full BBC release confirms Mr Yentob will be visiting subjects of the other shows in, at the very least, Los Angeles, Tasmania and Thailand. 

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