Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Late news

Plain-speaking Sandi Toksvig tells the Radio Times that she missed out on being the first host of Have I Got News For You ?

 “They made two pilots – one with me and one with Angus Deayton. I was told by the producers that they preferred my version, but the channel decided they couldn’t have a woman in charge.”

The first edition of the show went out on 28th September 1990. It was from Hat-Trick, produced by Harry Thompson. The BBC1 Controller at the time was Peter Salmon Jonathan Powell (Sherborne and UEA), begetter of both Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy and Eldorado.  He's now Professor Jonathan Powell, Head of the Department of Media Arts at Royal Holloway College, University of Lodon

  • Thanks to wise readers for both the correction, and a reminder that there was a previous pilot of what became HIGNIFY, earlier in 1990, with Hislop and Merton as team captains, and then wunderkind producer John Lloyd as the host.

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