Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fair dos ?

The news from Britain's Creative Greenhouse (aka C4) that Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt was rewarded with £581,000 last year will cheer BBC Executives. Their salaries are, it is said, discounted at an average of 72% to the marketplace, and anything that drags that marketplace up is good news.

In one sense, it also makes the salary of Jay's most obvious BBC comparator, Danny Cohen, look good value, at £327,800.  But then, Danny is supported in his creativity by BBC Creative Director, Alan Yentob, on a part-time salary of £183,300.  And by at least 21 members of his Television Board, on total salaries of £4.3m. C4's total for Executive and Non-Executive Directors is £2.6m.

  • The C4 report reminds us that Anne Bulford's last full year package there, in 2012, was £489,000, compared with her current £395,000 at the BBC. But she doesn't seem to have been formally replaced at C4 board level.....

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