Monday, June 15, 2015

Charter chunter 2

Lord Bragg of Wigton weighs in on behalf of his principal employer, BBC Radio, in a book review for The Guardian. Are the people running Auntie as good as they were back in the 60s, when Melvyn was a mere stripling in his twenties and a general trainee at the World Service, the Home Service and the Third Programme ?

"Perhaps I am privileged by working for Radio 4, but the people with whom I work are in every way the true heirs of those I met in radio in 1961. Upstairs, there is no doubting the quality and ambition of (to name only three) Hall, director of television Danny Cohen and Radio 4 controller Gwyneth Williams."

He goes on .. " there is a case to be made for more varied voices inside the BBC itself. Perhaps this could be achieved by separating radio and television."  and on. "Radio 4 is the biggest commissioner of drama in the world."

There's a contract renewal that should go well....

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