Friday, June 26, 2015

Another martini ?

As we head to next week's announcements from Lord Hall, the troops are studying the utterings of his trusties for signals.

Here's a bit of a speech today by Director of News James Harding

"The BBC News Channel is the most-watched 24-hour news channel in the UK, reaching 8.6 million adults each week. But like TV news more widely, the channel’s reach has fallen over the last three years, as has Sky’s...

"Technology, once again, is transforming the way the BBC tells stories, the way everyone gets stories. In particular, it is changing the way people get breaking news. There is a shift from rolling news channels on TV to streaming news on mobile. When we launched the BBC News Channel nearly 20 years ago, it led a revolution in news: it harnessed the power of multichannel television and satellite communications to give people the news as it happened. Today, the smartphone and the internet are forcing another revolution. Not only can we get the news as it happens, but the news we want, wherever we are."

The full thing is here.

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