Monday, May 11, 2015


Having met for a total of eleven hours in their February deliberations, the BBC Executive Board was back to lean management in March, with just over three hours in session.

The minutes are also elliptical, e.g.

6. Sports Rights Summary: 
The board received an update from the Director, Sport on sports rights.

Actually, on reflection, that's probably prolix.

W1A speak is never very far away.

3. Yield Summary:
The Director, Strategy, presented an analysis of ‘yield’ to the Board, explaining how much content is consumed by the groups that make up the BBC’s audience and how this influences their perceptions of the Corporation.

And they approved a five year deal for Studios and Post Production to work on Eastenders at Elstree. Which is sort of beyond the Charter, and I'm not sure that Whittingdale fellow is a big fan....

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