Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Not too vegan ?

What do these people have in common ?  Twiggy, Brian May, Benjamin Zephaniah and Piers Morgan ?

Well, the bundle of contradictions that is Piers Morgan has announced that he's casting his vote (by proxy through his missus Celia) in Kensington for the Animal Welfare Party (previously known as Animals Count).

The 2009 face (but not his body) of Burger King may not have quite noticed the party's push that we should all follow "a healthy plant-based lifestyle". He may not have spotted that his preferred candidate, Professor Andrew Knight, an Australian-British bioethicist, also runs a website called vegepets-info, encouraging us to treat our cats and dogs as vegetarians. One of his most recent scholarly papers urges vet schools to allow conscious objectors (to harming animals during their studies) on to their courses.

Professor Knight also likes 'extreme ironing' (raising money for vegan charities); he is, like AWP leader Vanessa Hudson, a member of the Vegan Runners Club.

I have no evidence that Piers is a vegetarian; in a fit of publicity-seeking pique, he said he'd banned Madonna from his CNN chat show for being "too vegan". He likes his claret, and I suspect takes it with red meat.

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