Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Indecision 2015

It was 36 years ago that David Dimbleby hosted his first General Election night, aged 40. Decision '79, with a set based on a power station control room, was edited by John Morrell, with a pedigree in That's Life and Nationwide, with deputies Ron Neil running the news bit and the formidable Margaret Douglas driving the political assessment. (Producers who were also credited included Phil Harding, later to edit Today, and Simon Berthon, now making modern history documentaries). The Director General was Ian Trethowan.

The theme was a cut-up version of Arthur, from Rick Wakeman's concept album, as performed on ice at Wembley in 1975. The rather clumsy cut brought the synth to the fore.


For Indecision 2015, Dimbleby will presumably cast his own vote, setting forth from the family estate Folkington Place in the East Dean ward of Lewes (incumbent Norman Baker of the Libdems expected to hold with a much-reduced majority) and thence to Elstree. Or perhaps to Victoria, for a snooze and then some contemplative keyboard practice at his London flat.

We've seen the set - will we get new music ? Or could they bring back the Rick Wakeman stuff for the ice-rink being installed on the piazza at Broadcasting House, where Sophie Raworth is expected to pirouette the night away ?

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