Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Expenses K-Z

On the business entertaining side, Mark Linsey, while masterminding the creation of the new internal super-indie BBC Studios, still managed £743.39 in claims for hospitality. He was eclipsed by the grande dame of BBC Films, Christine Langan, at £1614.78 over the final quarter of 2-14. And an unexplained £25 for a Vivienne Westwood book. Perhaps she and Al are cooking up a biopic...

K-Z produced a shake-up in the taxi leaderboard. Previous King of the Kabs, Bal Samra crept up marginally, to £1642.67. In second place (unofficially, of course) I put Tv Comedy's Myfanwy Moore, second, on £1,728.19.  Zooming in at No 1 is Faith Penhale, Head of Drama, Wales, at £2,225.91, with the majority of journeys looking like 15 miles from the Vale of Glamorgan to the Roath Lock Studios.

Where, I here you ask is Big Al ? Just £1,502.00 on taxis in the festive quarter. 94 separate journeys over 60 working days might suggest the Brompton is more often folded than not. Perhaps he cycles to the cab.

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