Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cosy chat

Constructive is a word which can mean many things - I hope.

Left to right: Lord Pearson of Rannoch, leader of UKIP in the Lords (and 100% Farage for Leader); Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Ripley and Patten-basher; Kate Hoey, Eurosceptic Labour MP for Vauxhall; David Keighley, former BBC producer and PR-turned-arch critic and occasional frothing contributor to Conservative Women; Kelvin Hopkins, Eurosceptic Labour MP for Luton North, humanist and homoeopathy fan; Philip Hollobone, Conservative MP for Kettering, who went to school with Nigel Farage, wants to bring back capital punishment and conscription, leave Europe, and privatise the BBC. He reportedly refuses to meet constituents wearing veils.

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