Monday, May 18, 2015

Boneless and flame-grilled

Some nuggets from the latest full minutes of the BBC Trust, with attendees at Great Portland Street inhaling Nando's fumes from below over a draining two-day session.

The cheeky BBC executive have 'banked' the closure of BBC3 as a broadcast service in their 2015/16 budget, and have secured Trust approval allowing it to limp to a close in that guise. The Trust has waived the condition that it needs to broadcast 100 hours of new factual programming this year "as it might only operate for six months of this year". It's also being allowed to reduce peak time origination from 70% to 60%.  Of course, the Trust harrumphs, this all "might need to be revisited once the Trust had reached a decision following the conclusion of the public value test."  But presumably the commissioning supply line has already been ruptured ?

It looks like the BBC is still struggling to improve the diversity of its audience...

The Director-General reported that Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) audiences continued to spend less time with the BBC than the UK average, and the time spent by Black audiences had shown a noticeable decrease in the last few years. This was the case for most of the UK’s broadcasters.

To enliven the two days, the Trust got the McKinsey floor show from Suzanne Heywood and Jay Scanlan that had previously gripped the Executive, on "trends and changes in the commercial global media market.".

And Lord Hall tantalised them with news of further work on "yield".

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