Thursday, May 21, 2015

Abroad, now

Meanwhile, internationally, BBC World Service in English (radio) has had a very good year. Audiences up 25%, recording its highest ever weekly reach at 52m. (The last time I can find that figure separated out is 2012, when it stood at 44m). The biggest growth has come in the USA and Africa, but it's even up a tad in the UK - 4% year on year.

Global audience figures are entertainingly constructed, and the BBC has decided to move from what it called the "Global Audience Estimate", which covered BBC World Service (in English and all its languages, including tv spin-offs); BBC World, the tv channel;; and BBC Media Action, to the new "Global Audience Measure" which sounds more scientific, but probably isn't. This adds to the bundle "the majority of BBC Worldwide’s BBC-branded direct to consumer services, where measurable and obtainable."  That seems to mean ad-carrying web content, like BBC Autos, BBC Capital, BBC Travel, BBC Future and BBC Culture, and the various BBC-brand-only satellite and cable channels - like BBC Earth, BBC First, BBC Brit, BBC Knowledge and BBC America.

The new GAM - standing at 308m - also counts Facebook and YouTube reach for the services. It includes 25m for the Worldwide output - which doesn't seem huge.

Remember, the target set by Lord Hall is for all this to reach 500m by 2020.

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