Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A younger view

John Whittingdale will have one special adviser at his side during the negotiating of a new Charter for the BBC - Carrie Symonds, most recently Head of Broadcast for the Conservative Party.

Carrie, 27, I think, went to Godolphin and Latymer and the University of Warwick, where she secured a 1st in Theatre Studies and the History of Art. Her holidays were taken up with work experience at a range of PR companies, advertising agencies and marketing departments, and she became a "Public Affairs Executive Trainee" with Lansons as a first proper job. 

From her base in East Sheen, she got involved with the Richmond Conservatives, campaigned for Zac Goldsmith, and then moved onto the Back Boris team. She became Head of Broadcast in June 2013. 

She likes Nutella, Arsenal FC, Bjork, Bill Nighy, running in Richmond Park and her dog Nacho. She's been snapped with Harry Cole (below), who rose to more individual fame with the help of Guido Fawkes/Paul Staines.

Amongst her BBC consumption - Holby City, for the acting skills of Jules Knight, mate of Prince William, who's recently left the medical soap to relaunch a singing career. 

Mr Cole was more recently spotted in an armoured vehicle alongside an ersatz Stig, travelling to Broadcasting House to deliver a petition to Bring Back Clarkson.

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