Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tousle head

Dear Sebastian Tobias Shakespeare,

As you approach your 50th birthday, and enjoy the fortunes currently being amassed thanks to the online world domination of the Daily Mail, could I encourage you to reflect on your lineage and their standards ?

Maternal grandfather S.P.B Mais ("Petre") was a cornerstone of the Oxford Times, and first to use the title "Letter from America" in a BBC radio series in 1933. His other radio fame came from talks contributed to Kitchen Front, a magazine show introduced alongside World War Two rationing, which followed the 8am news bulletin. Other contributors were Gert and Daisy, Freddy Grisewood and the Buggins Family.

Father John Shakespeare (Winchester and Trinity, Oxford) progressed via the Irish Guards to the diplomatic service, becoming Amassador to Peru, and was duly inducted into the Royal Victorian Order.

Good stock. And you love the work of great authors, and enjoy the company of publishers, who value the originality of the written word.

Yet Alan Clark, in his diaries, referred to you as "that tricky little prick".

You are formally the "Editor" of your diaries in the Mail. It may be that it's not you but some of your team who are the actual borrowers of material from this blog. All I'd like is a backlink or two. My earnings from Google Ads this year so far are £49.54. The money is only released when I hit £60.

I thank you in anticipation

Bill Rogers

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