Thursday, April 9, 2015

Perfect match

The BBC - a learning organisation. Auntie is advertising for a project manager to look after both the Top Gear and Good Food websites. It was, after all, the lack of a hot meal that disrupted Top Gear's inexorable rise to worldwide media dominance....


  1. You simply could not make that up and I had to do a thorough check on the link to make sure it was not some scurrilous organisation trying to do down my beloved Auntie.
    Oooops! yes it was such an organisation, penned by Auntie's own fair hand.
    (Thanks for all you do - you deserve mentions in dispatches at least a few times a week.)

  2. "Top Gear and Good Food websites and applications through continuous delivery of BAU"

    Is BAU foreign food delivered by a youth on a moped?


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