Thursday, April 30, 2015


Radio 1/1Xtra boss Ben Cooper and his Head of Music Policy George Ergatoudis have been sharing their insights as top of the bill at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood, alongside such luminaries as Bubba The Love Sponge.

You might have thought one BBC superstar was enough to manage the 40 minute slot, but George was also being awarded the title International Music Person Of The Year.

A little like Miliband with Brand, Cooper adopted his apercus for the American audience. On BBC Radio's experiments with visualisation, for example: "I don't think our audience is interested in the image of jocks scratching their asses between two songs".

George noted "a huge disruptive monster is coming down the hill", with Apple about to introduce streaming services "with a huge amount of learning from traditional radio." And, it seems, a good number of production staff from Radio 1. Maybe Ben and George should have stayed at home and cuddled them into staying with Auntie.

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