Monday, April 27, 2015

Pattern recognition

We are delighted to note that former BBC strategist John Tate has stepped up from COO at Tamkeen (part of the Abu Dhabi Executive Affairs Authority) to CEO.

This presumably means Jason Harborow has left Tamkeen. John paid tribute to Jason as recently as December via the business-persons-Facebook, Linkedin.

"Jason is the most dynamic and at the same time focussed person I have ever worked with. He finds and focusses on the most important things to drive results but, thanks to his enormous energy and capacity for detail, this never comes at the expense of the little things. Internationally experienced and having driven home some massive projects, Jason also has enormous pattern recognition - bringing insight/foresight to bear on situations from more angles than any other manager I've worked with. An all-round exceptionally capable leader of people and projects."

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