Thursday, April 16, 2015

Paper weight

There'll be some schadenfreude in the BBC's spin machine over the news that the Daily Mail has displaced the Guardian in terms of newpaper-copies-centrally-purchased for the perusal of Auntie's hard-pressed workers.

One of my leading digital ninjas, however, points out that the total number of print copies has gone up, compared with two years ago.  This is odd. The Times, FT, Telegraph and the Sun have full or partial paywalls. Even so, digital subcriptions are cheaper, and bulk log-ins are available at a further discount. In London, at least, BBC journalists have come together in one building, as opposed to three - so you think there might be more sharing. And across the country, the BBC's lighter journalistic agenda has been increasingly led by editions of Metro, free.

After all, the paper you're reading to bone up for that morning meeting of coruscating original ideas and insights, has already been outdated by the paper's website - and perhaps by some of the BBC's own extensive output.  

The BBC asserts "We are working to embed sustainable practices across the BBC and make changes that will result in carbon and cost savings in technology, buildings and procurement."  The policy was signed off in 2012 by one Mark Thompson, in a note that says it will be reviewed in 2014. No update online.

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