Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's not where you start...

"Internal Communications and Engagement (IC) sits right at the centre of the BBC."  True, at least in a sort of centre-of-England Birmingham-based way.

The statement comes from a job ad, one of a range being advertised as the BBC fails to persuade staff to re-locate to half-empty offices leased at the Mailbox. (It's not just a Birmingham problem; Children in Need and Future Media have a range of vacancies in Salford, as existing expertise opts for the redundancy deal rather than follow their department out of London.)

The ad is for a Head of Internal Communications and Engagement (Corporate), graded at Band 11, reporting into the Director of Internal Communications and Engagement, presumably paid more and presumably based in London. IC "connects the organisation’s 21,000 employees to each other; to the BBC’s public purpose and mission, and to the vision of the Director-General."

"To achieve this, the Central IC and Engagement team directly supports the Director-General’s office and Executive Team to deliver pan-BBC messages across a number of different communications channels."

Except that the Director of IC stays in London, and presumably emails pan-BBC messages to Birmingham. While the Head of IC "leads and inspire the Central Internal Communications & Engagement team in Birmingham", exhorting them to brook no obstacle in passing the emails on to the 21,000 employees. I hope the team producing W1A have spotted this...

  • This Director of IC is so pivotal that he or she is not listed in BBC Senior Management - either as earning £150k and over, or as "one of those with the greatest responsibility for spending public money and for overseeing the BBC's services and operations."

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