Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Green stuff

Lord Hall has attracted some big American cheeses to the Royal Television Society's two day convention in Cambridge in September, which he is chairing, and the BBC is sponsoring.

David Zaslav is CEO of Discovery Communications. His latest pay package was $156.1m -  $3 million in basic salary, $94.6 million in stock awards, $50.5 million in option awards, $6.1 million in non equity incentives, and $1.9 million in other compensation. The “other” category includes $296,930 for personal use of the company plane, a $16,800 car allowance and $16,619 for personal security.

Philippe Dauman is CEO of Viacom - his 2014 package was $44.3m - $3.9 million in basic salary, $12.3 million in stock, $7.5 million in options and a performance-related bonus of $20-million.

Josh Sapan, CEO of AMC Networks (now joint owners of BBC America) is thought to have taken home $36.4m last year.

Michael Lombardo is Head of Programming at HBO, part of Time Warner. I can't find a salary, but he's got Game of Thrones and is probably doing alright.

Lord Hall gets just over $810k at today's exchange rates, plus a driver and occasional security.

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