Sunday, April 19, 2015

Go compare

Here's an new assertion about BBC management pay rates that might need a little testing.

The BBC has been quite public about the "discount" to commercial salaries suffered by its executive directors - the Annual Report says that discount is between 50% and 80% and the average discount is 72%. (There are seven BBC Executive Directors - costing, on the last published figures - £2.56m to run per annum. The BBC claim is that, without the discount, that total would be £9.1m).

Now, in response for a Freedom of Information request, Auntie has revealed the discount applied to the two Senior Management grades - SM1 and SM2.

The BBC policy is that pay for Senior Managers at SM1 level should be discounted by between 30% and 50% against the commercial sector and that that pay for Senior Managers at SM2 level should be discounted by between 20% and 30% against the commercial sector. 

As at 30 September 2014, 97% of the BBC’s Senior Manager population have a salary that is discounted against the commercial sector. 60% have salaries that are discounted by more than the agreed range, and a further 25% are discounted within the agreed range. 12% are discounted, but below the agreed range.

103 staff were graded Senior Management as of June 2014. Five people on the disclosed salary list have HR (Human Resources) in their job titles - and their average salary works out at £160k p.a. Seven managers on the disclosed salary list have finance in their job titles - on an average salary of £184k.

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