Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eleventh heaven

The BBC has finally confirmed that 11 is the new "SM3". For new readers, this is grade-speak. Officially the BBC has two rates of pay for Senior Managers - the lower SM2 (which used to be "free car") and the higher SM1 ("free car and petrol").

In a response to a Freedom of Information enquiry, the BBC says that 14 staff on Grade 11 are currently included in the Senior Management total headcount and paybill.

Consultants from McKinsey promised to help Lord Hall slash BBC management and their meetings structure. When he formally arrived in April 2013, the Grade 11 headcount stood at 729. At the end of November last year it stood at 795. With today's news, you could, if you wanted add the extra 14 back, to get a total of 809. And remember, more than half the staff on Band 11 are paid above the published salary ceiling of £70k.

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