Monday, April 27, 2015


Tricky stuff, tv drama. Poldark (Season 1) finished with 5.9m for BBC1 in the overnights, and Vera on ITV (over a two hour slot) improved to 5m.

Meanwhile Channel 4 put on a film, The Impossible, and were rewarded with 1.37m. This is a considerable improvement on the last episode of Indian Summers, which only attracted 830k in the overnights.

At the start, this was being hailed as C4's biggest drama breakthrough for years, combining essence of Jewel in the Crown with Marigold Hotel zeitgeist. Live and catch-up figures for the first episode totalled over 5m. By episode three, C4 had announced that there was to be a second series, then watched the viewers drift away. Series One needs really strong figures in the PBS Masterpiece Theatre slot later this year for the investment to look sensible.

And a second series in the UK will need cuter scheduling...

  • While we're on, the BBC seems to be stretching what BBC3 may or may not stand for by showing repeats of Happy Valley. Is it possible that they thought it would be closed by now ?

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