Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Brow slightly furrowed today, picking up on BBC strategist James Purnell's personality interview with the London Evening Standard.

He gets himself in a tangle over his relative scale of friendship with current politicians; reveals he's got a house in the East End, a fiancee and a baby on the way; claims to be a private person, yet is prepared to share that he dreams in French - and puts one BBC-related message across:- "We're being treated as a government department for all sorts of purposes".

Two photographs accompany the article - one against the restored wood panelling of old Broadcasting House, the other the more strident red-painted mdf that marks out the restored elements.

I'm sure it advances in some way the cause of Charter Renewal. Perhaps it also reminds future employers of the talents of this "prickly" and "brilliant" man.

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