Sunday, March 1, 2015


I'm trying to write this before the overnight ratings come out - after all, Controller of BBC TV Danny Cohen, says they're not the best way to evaluate success.

The first "battle round" of this year's series of The Voice lasted nearly two hours, and featured 23 minutes of new performances. The idea that there are some 48 undiscovered musical acts of real quality in the UK was tested and found wanting. There was some terrible singing, and no honest criticism. And the caring side of our judges is found wanting by the format - singers they sought desperately to woo in the blind auditions are sent home on second performance, as Tom Jones, Will I.Am, Rita Ora and Ricky Wilson have to sit in silence looking miserable. The director spotted this unpleasantness as the show progressed, and eventually, shot the back of the judges' chairs, as the hapless wannabes got the stone-faced look.

It doesn't seem like harmless fun to me.

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