Thursday, March 12, 2015


Go-to-BBC inquisitor Ken Macquarrie takes the budget plane down to London again, to try to make sense of a dust-up over the relative restorative merits of a cold collation over a hot meal.

We are still not clear who, if anybody, complained. At Ken's side will be Orla Tierney, who took her Bar exams but ended up in HR. She's recently been an "interim" manager for a range of companies, through her own company, Mind The Gap - it's not clear what her contractual relationship is with the BBC as Head of Reward and Employment Policies. She may bring some Cotswold empathy to the proceedings, from her Great Rissington base.

The duo will have their work cut out to keep the all important interview venue a secret. The risk in all this palaver is that Clarkson just walks away. If it isn't Oisin Tymon who's complained, there will be many who won't blame him.

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