Friday, March 6, 2015

Pray silence

Court 15 of the Rolls Building off Fetter Lane resumes this morning, on the fifth day of the civil case Various Claimants v MGN Ltd, in front of Mr Justice Mann (aka Sir George Antony Mann - The Perse School and St Peter's Oxford). The trial is down for ten days in total.

Seats may be difficult to secure, after continuing case-making by David Sherborne, QC, on behalf of eight people seeking damages for having their phones hacked. Mr Sherborne says, in Mr Yentob's case, the journalists were after an incorrect story - that Ruth Rogers, now styled Lady Rogers, wife of architect Lord Rogers of Riverside, and co-owner of the Riverside Cafe in West London, was Alan's mistress. This was "false and deeply intrusive", "nonsense", and would have had "an appalling and catastrophic effect" on their respective families.

Mr Sherborne said Mr Yentob's message inbox was an "Aladdin's Cave". Alan is expected in the witness stand today. Mr Sherborne may ensure his shirt's properly tucked in.

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