Saturday, March 7, 2015

Playback payback ?

Day 5 of Various Claimants v MGN - and BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob finally took the stand, in the hunt for appropriate damages for having his phone messages hacked by Mirror journalists.

He offered a list of regular callers whose messages he suspected were listened to - Alastair Campbell, Greg Dyke, Harry Enfield, Ricky Gervais, Salman Rushdie, Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft, Jonathan Ross, Steve Coogan, Caroline Ahern, Sting and Trudie (Mrs Sting) Styler - and said that list was "not remotely complete".

There were some testy exchanges with the Mirror's QC, Matthew Nicklin (Tasker Milward School and Newcastle University). Mr Nicklin asked for Mr Yentob's evidence that Mirror hacks had been trying to stand up an affair (wrongly) between himself and family friend Ruth Rogers. According to the Independent, Alan pointed to an invoice headed "Yentob/Rogers".

No mention was made in court of Episode 3, Series 1 of the BBC 'documentary' W1A, in which the voiceover reveals "Sting has phoned up Alan Yentob personally and called him an actual prick", but there are another five days in court.

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