Saturday, March 14, 2015

Payout time ?

BBC pay nerds like me are looking forward a cascade of material next week, busting a log-jam of stalled Freedom of Information enquiries. The BBC has effectively apologised for the delay to two, lodged in October last year, saying the inquirer is within their rights to complain to the Information Commissioner's Officer.

"S.Craig" wants to know more about Special Personal Salaries in News, and is also interested in evidence about the BBC's statement that senior manager's pay is set at "a discount of 50-80% against total direct remuneration in the commercial sector".

"Spencer Count" (say it out loud) is pursuing information about the numbers of staff now at "Band 11" (dubbed Senior Manager Level 3 by the unions). "Signor Benati", who uncannily shares his name with a fictional art forger in Smiley's People, is burrowing away on the same lines, but in most recent correspondence has been promised a response within a week !

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