Sunday, March 15, 2015


The BBC has "updated" statistics on employment tribunals, after a challenge from a Freedom of Information inquirer, saying its original computer search terms were too narrow.

122 claims have been brought against the BBC since April 2005 (not 90 as first stated). 59 were settled before a hearing (not 49), at a total cost of £1,061,341.77 (not £840,341), nudging the average deal to almost £18k.

18 claims were withdrawn, but 43 proceeded to tribunal. The BBC 'won' 39, but four were upheld. The BBC won't reveal the total cost of these four hearings - but £83,598.17 was paid out to claimants, and at least £55,253.38 was spent on outside lawyers. In one of the upheld cases, the tribunal ordered that the claimant "be re-engaged and therefore this was done. No other successful claimants have been re-engaged or re-employed." There are two cases pending.

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