Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Follow the money

Eight months after Pat Younge went public with details of his proposal that BBC (TV) Production should be hived off to work as a commercial subsidiary of BBC Worldwide, the BBC has gone public on the idea, with even less detail than Pat offered.

The paper on BBC Studios that goes to the Trust is what we need to form a judgement. I hope they make it available as soon as possible. The bizarre time tunnel in prospect is that the production/commissioning split that Pat was part of has to be re-created before the "arm's length" operation can be put in place. George Entwistle spent some of his 54 days as Director General trying to eliminate the double management numbers that the split had created. Back to the future...

Meanwhile, those interested in transparency and how the licence fee may be used in the future, should note "benefit" number 2 of Pat's proposal, that the move will "enable BBC Production to offer market rate pay and conditions for production talent and remove the ridiculous comparison to the Prime Minister’s salary and other canards."  Will Pat apply to be Chief Executive BBC Studios - and will the salary be higher or lower than the £255k he was getting when last with Auntie ?

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