Saturday, March 21, 2015


There's always something. Bob Shennan - in his birthday week - gets reminded that the BBC Trust is on his case. In their 2010 review of Radio 2, they wrote "We’d like the station to do more to appeal to audiences who are currently less likely to listen, including ethnic minorities". They were told that there were plans in place.

This week they noted "Radio 2’s reach among BAME audiences over 35 is significantly lower than it is amongst white audiences. As Radio 2 has a remit to serve a broad audience over the age of 35, it should address this disparity."

In current schedules, Diane Louise Jordan and Moira Stuart bracket early morning and late night Sunday - Moira's occasional show seems to have become much more of a regular feature this month. Trevor Nelson has a soul show at 11pm Wednesday night. Nitin Sawhney has an occasional series on World Music on Monday nights. Moira, I think, is the network's only regular BAME newsreader.

The latest Trust report also ruminates on Radio 2's vast audience: "Evidence suggests that Radio 2’s growth in listening may be having an effect on listening to other BBC services, including BBC Local Radio and Radio Wales, given they appeal to a similar demographic. We think it is important that the BBC considers how its portfolio of stations serves listeners, and how changes in listening to different stations may affect the BBC’s delivery of its public purposes."

John Myers, Shennan's go-to radio consultant, is usually well-informed on BBC matters: "I hear a small committee has been formed to ponder on what the future of BBC local radio might look like if they did something slightly different."

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