Thursday, February 19, 2015

Your turn

It was ITN's year at the Royal Television Society Awards.

They won the best home news coverage gong, for "Jihadi Terror"; the best foreign coverage, for Ukraine; the best daily programme, for News At Ten; best network presenter, for Mark Austin, and best hack for Matt Frei (C4, provided by ITN).  C4's Dispatches topped the international current affairs list, for 'Children on The Front Line' - another ITN production. Science correspondent Lawrence McGinty won the lifetime achievement award.

BBC Nations and Regions held up the BBC end, with wins for Harry Gration, as best regional presenter; BBC South East for best daily programme and BBC West Midlands for best current affairs. Scoop of the year went to BBC Northern Ireland's Spotlight, sadly eclipsing the network's use- of-helicopter-in-odd-circumstances-while-Sir-Cliff-was-elsewhere.

Alison Holt, for the BBC, won specialist journalist of the year, and BBC News also picked up the technology award, for use of "the cloud" in covering the World Cup. Panorama won the domestic current affairs honour, thanks to indie Twenty2Vision (prop Paul Woolwich - Mr Sian Williams).

Sky won News Channel of The Year.

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