Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shift key ?

Technology palpitations at BBC News, where the decision on its next newsroom software system is expected to be announced this week.

The BBC has used ENPS (Electronic News Production System) since 1996, and flirted with change more than once since then. Indeed there were periods when rooms of consultants were employed to draft the ultimate specification. Thankfully, wise heads realised things were moving too fast for perfection. Associated Press, who own ENPS, have sold around the world on the back of their deal with Auntie, and must be hoping that continuity is the name of the game. But there's real tension between systems that deliver solid and secure performance without "falling over", and the sexier attractions of "apps" and "gizmos" that populate "new media" thinking.

The BBC tender process has been typically hair-shirted, and at least one contender, Avid's iNews, used by ITN and Sky, has dropped out.

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