Monday, February 2, 2015

Outside the tent p*ssing outside

The rather public letters page of BBC house organ Ariel is often used for complaints from the lower ranks, who somehow feel invulnerable when they moan about the lack of free tea, thefts from fridges, slow lifts and other daily ordeals that never apparently happen in other organisations. Neither do they seem shamed when their minor gripes are turned into page leads in the Mail and Telegraph.

Now there's a whinge from one of the highest ranking members of staff to break ranks so far. Rupert Brun, who has been Head of Technology for Audio & Music/Radio for over 8 years....

I've just had to try seven toilets across three floors of Broadcasting House before finding one that was actually available for me to use.....

I can only guess that those in charge of such things don't give a shit, but for the rest of us it's getting uncomfortable. It's actually quicker to pop out to the Yorkshire Grey, buy a pint and use their toilet than to find a working one in BH… hang on, what's wrong with that as a plan ? 

That's right Rupert. A little project planning, one of the things that litters your CV. But keep it to yourself, eh ?

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