Friday, February 13, 2015

Mr Bassman

I was worried that when Alison Hastings left the BBC Trust, the groovy quotient would fall to zero. Alison, who liked Radio 1's Big Weekend, is yet to be replaced.

But now I find that Scottish Trustee Bill Matthews has a musical past, on bass and vocals with OneDay40, whose album, Unfinished Business, is still available on iTunes. Joy of joys, YouTube also boasts two live performances from 2008 on BBC Alba's Ceol Country (Country Music), as well as a video version of "50 miles". In this last piece, Bill sports a tee-shirt with the legend "Bawbag", which I hope isn't on one of this lists of naughty words beloved of The Trust.

There's still time for Bob Shennan to spot all this before finalising the playlist for his pop-up country music station.

Bill, a serial non-exec, gives more details on his new executive coaching website.

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