Sunday, February 15, 2015

More nosebleeds

Spiral 6 is under construction. Anne Landois is the "show-runner" of Canal+'s longest-running-series-currently-on-air. She took part in a Q&A last night on the BBC TV blog, and here are some of her more interesting responses.

"Showrunner is a writer who is in charge of all aspects of the drama, including writing of course but also casting, sets, finding directors, etc... 

"Roban's nosebleeds are not resolved in this season because it's the beginning of something else! You have to wait next season…. :)"

"We are 7 writers and I re-write every episode at the end to harmonize them"

"Police officers love the show because it talks about their daily job. It's normal because I work with them to make the series the more realistic as possible. Even gangsters love the show !! 

" I think of my characters as a blended family and their home is their office. The only private space is the loo !"

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