Wednesday, February 11, 2015


A footnote to the tale of BBC radio technology wizard Rupert Brun, and his alleged problems finding a working toilet in Broadcasting House, which I repeated in this blog. Rupert has told friends on Facebook. "Sad that a journalist didn't get (or chose not to get) that it was a parody of all the "complaining about the toilets" letters over the last few weeks... Perhaps I should also have included something about somebody stealing my yoghurt to make it obvious even to the hard of understanding."

"I realised i had never had a letter published in Ariel and only had 2 months to remedy this. So i read the last dozen published letters and wrote a sort of parody....The Ariel team came up with the title."

Sadly the parody fooled working journalists as well as this hapless blogger. Perhaps Rupe can use some of his leaving pot to defray the BBC's costs in dealing with the blowback.

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