Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Come on over, Valerie

BBC HR Director Valerie Hughes D'Aeth will be speaking at this year's HR Can Change The World Conference.  An number of tickets, at £795 for the day, are still available for this event, at the Brewery, in Chiswell St, EC1 on 12th March. To drum up business, Valerie has given an interview to HR Grapevine. I think she may have typed the answers. Here are my highlights...

What have been the highlights in your career that have enabled you to sit where you are today?

I decided I wanted a career in HR when I was 16 and working on Saturdays in the Personnel department of my local Sainsbury’s store...   

What motivates and drives you? 

 I enjoy working in organisations with products and services that I can relate to as a user and where people are at the heart of the organisations future success, like at the BBC.

How do you know when you've done a good job, what gives you satisfaction? 

I am still new in my role at the BBC...  At the BBC the challenges and opportunities are around efficiency. By 2016 we’ll be saving £1.5billion a year to ensure money is focused on what matters most – programmes audiences love. 

Why does the BBC matter to you? 

The BBC is a world class organisation - one of the great things about Britain and part of the fabric of society. We deliver high quality programmes and services for everyone and bring the nation together, all for £2.80 a week. The BBC - News, TV and Radio has always been a significant part of my family's life providing great education and entertainment. I’m therefore passionate about helping the BBC continue to provide licence fee payers with real value for money and great content.

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